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Fast, Powerful Results for Income, Joy & Life Satisfaction | taught by Victoria C. Leo
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Victoria C.  Leo
Victoria C. Leo
No-Nonsense, Proven Programs that Really Work

Are you ready to commit to transforming your life?  Are you ready to blast through your barriers?

Victoria draws on her graduate degrees in biology and psychology to craft powerful programs that really work, including deep mental surgery with hypnotherapy. Victoria’s hypnotherapy degree included a year of detailed supervision, giving her the tools to make change happen quickly and permanently. 

Victoria offers services in powerful physical healing including Reiki energy healing which has been and continues to be studied by medical doctors and nurse researchers for effectiveness in hospitals and traditional medical settings. [It works!]

Victoria Leo wrote her first published book in 1985 for Prentice-Hall. Her recent titles include 101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy and Healthy Longevity (2017), 101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less (2012) and the 2nd edition of Journey Out of SAD: Beat the Seasonal Blues Now (2016), available at your local bookseller or through Amazon. All of her books are available in print and e-format. 

Victoria teaches workshops and seminars, both in-person and online, and offers complete online classes, available here in the blastthruthosebarriers school, and at www.soaringdragon.biz/webinars-events/.