Kick Dieting to the Curb: Get and Stay at Your Healthy Weight - Forever

taught by Victoria C. Leo

Course description

The weight has to come off, for health and personal reasons. You figure you have to eat healthy and less, and for a while you do. But the jiggle always comes back. After a while, you’re just sick of the whole diet struggle.

Well, I’m here to tell you: right on! Dieting, as in eating an unsustainable meal plan that gets weight off fast and then you go back to your “normal” eating, never has and never will work. There is no magic bullet on planet Earth – no herbs, hormones or anything else – that can allow you to keep on the way you’ve been living and also have a healthy body. If you really want the healthy, strong body, you have to change how you live your life. And it will be enjoyable, even fun!

After you complete this class, you will never want to diet again. You will be taking steps every day to get and keep your healthy body – forever.

You will explore video lessons, audio lessons, text, worksheets, projects and self-reflection for a complete and comprehensive roadmap to that goal of a forever-trim body. You will do serious work with a light heart – with inspiration, encouragement and some tough talk when needed, all aiming at the same goal of getting you across the finish line.

You will work your way through new mindset, and new skills, in each one of the 5 Domains of Weight Loss – not just your eating! You will commit to movement, every day. You will commit to beating stress with powerful, effective tools, some of which may surprise you! You will learn how to sleep soundly for at least 7 hours every night, replenishing your body and turbo-charging your mind and soul. You will learn how to take deep journeys to the roots of your beliefs and your sources of comfort. You will transform both old habits and old beliefs that add fat to your frame and lower your immune response. In their place, you will implant new habits and new beliefs that empower you to change your life.

You deserve to kick dieting to the curb forever, with a comprehensive plan that will sustain you – forever. I believe in lifelong tools, and I only teach what I KNOW works and what I have tested on lots of people just like you. This class was a one-on-one program for a decade. Now you can complete it on your own time, at your own pace, and get the same powerful results.

Victoria C.  Leo
Victoria C. Leo
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