5 Minutes/Day To Transform Your Life, for Super-Busy Women

5 Daily Tools Proven to Lead to Lots More Income AND Life Satisfaction | taught by Victoria C. Leo

Course description

You don't have time to waste, so you work, work, work. But you are lurching toward burnout, your income STILL isn't where you want it to be and you're tired of people telling you to "work smart" - as if you're not trying to do that already!

Working more hours isn't getting you what you want. Spending hours/day in yoga, meditation and god-knows-what-else isn't an option.

Good news! You don't need hours. You only need 5 minutes.


With the right strategically-chosen tools, you only need 5 minutes every day to propel your business onto a new trajectory - toward lots more income - and propel your life on the path to greater personal satisfaction.

You get both results from a carefully-planned deployment of 5 techniques over the course of the day - in a total of 5 minutes away from business.

Can you spare 5 minutes to change your entrepreneurial life?

You bet you can!

Make the commitment to your goals of income and life satisfaction and see the results in 30 days.....

Course Curriculum

Why Self-Care is Your Most Predictable Road to More Income AND More Life Satisfaction
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Breathe, as You've Never Done it Before.
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Pour Energy Into Your Stress and/or Physical Pain.... And Come Alive!
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The 6th Tool.... For Another 5 Minutes (optional)
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Yeah! I DId It! Income is Growing & I'm Happier. Where Do I Go From Here?
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